Sunset in Mason

Sunset in Mason
View from my porch

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo for today

This is called Texas Mountain Laurel.  It is slow growing, evergreen
and one of the first things to bloom in the spring.  It is toxic to
most livestock I am told.  The seeds are large and hard to
germinate, but if you want seeds from this year's crop just
let me know and I will send you some.  The seed pods come
on after the blooms are gone which will be a few more weeks.
It reminds me of wisteria when it blooms but it grows as a thick
bush, whereas wisteria is a vine and grows faster.  I have a
few of these scattered about on my hillside, some of them must have
been here for 20 or more years based on their size.  I moved  ago here 12 years
ago and they were here then. 

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